Monday, April 3, 2017

Taking Action (1/26/17)

The seeds are planted and it is time to take action. We are getting the home of 12 years ready for sale. In this home we crossed the threshold as newlyweds, had our first pet, and started a family. It has been a wonderful place and time in our lives and we are so thankful. This house has sheltered and held us and now this home is going to provide us with the means to make a major shift in our lives. The proceeds from the sale will support us in our year of transition and travel. We will not be coming home to this address, to this place in the world, or the this time in our lives again. It is an ending and a beginning.

We are in the process of sorting and packing our belongings. There is a lot of letting go to get to freedom and letting go isn't always easy. There have been tears and doors slammed. There have been lots of questions and frustration. There have been discussions about why and how and what if.... and slowly we made our way to acceptance. We are working on practicing ahimsa with ourselves and one another. There is pain, and we are acknowledging the pain and moving through it and with it on to the next stage of our journey.

The possibilities lay before us like an open sea and at times I feel panic rising up. I want to make some 'real plans'. I want to feel like I have some control over our destiny, but it is time to let go a bit and make room for grace.  It is time to do the work necessary to become 'free' and to let life happen to us a bit.

Currently the plan is to sell the house and move into my dad's basement while we finalize the details of our round the world adventure. I cringe a bit thinking of living in my dad's basement, but a dose of that should be great motivation to move on to the next stop! I am grateful for a relationship with my dad and his wife that allows us this opportunity and look forward to being closer to them.

So it is the beginning of a new era in our lives. We are carving a new path and giving ourselves the freedom to search for our authentic selves. It is exciting and terrifying. What are you doing with your life that terrifies and excites you? I hope you find ways to give yourself the opportunity to dream and to put those dreams to action, even if it terrifies you to do so.

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