Monday, April 3, 2017

Sold! (2/3/17)

Didn't get much writing done the past month as we were getting the house ready for sale. The hard work paid off and we sold the house in 7 days. That is the benefit of living where we do. It is extremely hard to get into a home but when you go the other direction it is quite easy to sell one. It was only a matter of one weekend and about 3 weeks of paperwork. We were fortunate to be able to use the same real estate agent who worked with us in buying our home. He is a great guy and had the best of intentions for our family when getting the house ready for sale.

It is a pretty intrusive an humbling experience to have your home 'staged' for sale. The goal is to make it look like a catalogue and appeal to the generic sense of possibility.  All the personality that I poured into our home over the years had to be stripped away as did the children' toys and personal collections. It was surprising how much stuff we had accumulated in such a small space. Our home is only a 2 bedroom and around 950 sq feet.  Never the less we have removed a full PODs worth of our personal belongings and still seem to have more than enough to keep us happy.

It does give me pause to wonder if we really need all this stuff. Would I be sad if the POD got lost?
I imagine I would be sad, but I also imagine I would get accustomed to living without it. In the next months we will be pairing our lives down to a suitcase and backpack each to live out of for the next year. That will be interesting. I think knowing it is temporary makes it easier to do. Funny how we can trick our minds.

When I am in my best place I realize that this is all temporary. And I realize it is ok for me to pack away the baggage that tends to follow me where ever I go and just enjoy the moment.  Those boxes will always be there and I can open them or not as I choose.  I can decide to burn them or place them on the mantle. I get to choose and it feels great.

Are you making choices in your life? Are you dragging your baggage around with you everywhere you go? Do you have a plan to deal with those boxes? I hope so. I hope you find ways to unload the weight you carry and to find some space and freedom in your being and your life.

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