Wednesday, November 30, 2016


That change that I felt in the air last month has settled into my body in the form of, what if?  I have started exploring all sorts of options for our lives and how we can shift our perspective to get more of the lifestyle we desire. I am applying for a MBA program that is seemingly way out of my league. I am exploring moving to an island in the south pacific. I am exploring business ideas like opening a burger, fries, and ice cream shop in middle America. I am letting my mind go wild with the possibilities and it is so much fun!

I am guessing this has something to do with the 'mid-life crisis' syndrome that appears to happen to all 40 somethings across the globe. I read an interesting article that had done a study of 40 somethings across the globe and all sorts of social and economic lines. Apparently the mid 40's is one of the hardest times of your life. (read it here Atlantic mid-life crisis article )You feel the most pressure and fear around your choices and the direction of your life. You tend to feel trapped and often stressed about the future. Well, I can say that the past two years had some of that feeling. Then we started talking about what that feeling was telling us. What I heard was, what if?
What if this is it?

It was a wake up call. Is this it? Is this the life you have been dreaming of? Is this how you would love to continue. Are you living everyday with the joy and passion that is possible in this one opportunity you have to live this life?  Wow, time to do some digging and possibly some realigning of goals, perceived ideas of 'success', and the fears of our future.  What is it I really want? What is my  bucket list for this life and is it a list we should be differing until we are financially ready? Should we wait until it is a 'good time' to make a leap to a new way of living?

My answer was, it depends.  I want to just jump into a new life and manifest all my wonderful dreams and tick off my list of bucket list items. The reality is it will take some thought and planning. It will take many discussions and lots of research and more 'what if' questions.  But, the discussion is started. We have opened the box of possibilities and I am looking forward to the future.

I know even if my future self is still living in this old house I will at least have an updated kitchen and some new plants in the front yard and a list of dreams waiting for me to find a way to fulfill.
Because it is dreams that make life so fun to live...
  Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things 
which escape those who only dream at night.
                                                                                                 -Edgar Allen Poe

What are your dreams??

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